Dina Yuen, also known as The Asian Fusion Girl, is an entrepreneuer, author and consultant whose businesses and expertise includes a staggering seven industries. She is CEO and founder of Asian Fusion, a multimedia company that focuses on Asian cultures and issues. Dina is also a published author of both non-fiction and fiction books and articles.

Her debut book is ‘Indonesian Cooking’ on Tuttle Publishing, which provides home cooks with easy to follow authentic recipes that span the islands of this tropical archipelago. Upcoming books include ‘Top Women Leaders of the 21st Century’ which features in depth interviews with twenty five phenomenal women CEOs, politicians, authors and industry experts as well as ‘The Shanghai Legacy,’ a historical fiction novel set in 19th century China. Read More »

The Buzz

  • Working with Dina has been an excellent experience. Her knowledge in  her field and professionalism are vital assets. She also brings to the table a variety of innovative ideas that create an ambiance of beauty and elegance for your brand.
    ~Olga Flores, HBEN Founder~

    I can close my eyes & remember the brilliant colors, aromas, sounds & the taste in my mind.
    Chef Dina has taken on the challenge of introducing the true flavors of Indonesian home cooking to America in an easy to understand format. I’ve got a nice home for this book in my library. Great job Chef!
    ~Chef Alexander Ong~

  • In my experiences with Dina as an author, she always displays the qualities of a consummate professional. Her genuine desire to make service a priority is reflected not only in her professional endeavors, but also in her personal life.
    ~Bud Sperry~

    Chef Dina writes with such passion and clarity. Delicious recipes, thoughtfully prepared and a joy to eat.
    ~Greg Cole, Celadon Napa~

  • She is enthusiastic, smart, determined and knows how to effectively work with others to reach goals that are beneficial for all. I look forward to many more years of working together and success through her creative efforts.
    ~Neil Salkind~

    Her attention to detail is phenomenal. Her keen ideas and explosive energy offer any business the opportunity to reach and attract the exact market demographics they are looking to capture.
    ~Letty Alvarez~


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